Why do you need a professional Script Reader?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Writers to me are God or I should say they are Godly. In the world of filmmaking and the field of art, who is God, if not the writer. A writer does for us the most difficult task of making the blueprint for the whole film, which becomes the first step towards making that film which we would all love to see one day on big or small screen.

It takes days and months and years of hard work to come to a script which is complete, and as writers mostly work alone researching, reading and writing, they do need another perspective on their material to gain some confidence to move forward and to see if s/he is going in the right direction. We often reach out to people we know to get feedback on our work; mostly friends, family or faculty or mentor help us out in this process. But what if your script could be read by a professional script reader who will not just give you genuine constructive feedback after in-depth analysis but getting professional feedback will also help you place your script in a better way when you pitch it to producers, actors or directors. We have fixed format of script coverage, where we figure out a logline and synopsis of your story as this part is often ignored by many writers when they send their work to someone. You really cannot expect someone reading your full screenplay or writing material, so it is better to give them an idea of what your story is about in a few lines. We also identify various elements from your script and put them on the first page of the script coverage, like genre, the locale of the story and our ratings on various aspects.

Along with script coverage, we give notes on aspects of your screenplay, which will help you redraft your script. These will be detailed notes referring to pages and scenes from your screenplay. Something to keep in mind: Please send a registered script only or send it along with a non-disclosure agreement on mail. This applies for not just when you send your scripts to us but to anyone; otherwise it will be difficult for all of the involved parties in the future.

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