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It is a report written by someone who has read a screenplay.  It is generally accompanied by the reader’s thoughts and impressions.

What does a SCRIPT COVERAGE include?

It includes elements like Title of Film, Author(s), Date, Page Length, Locale, Number of Principle Actors, Submitted To, Read By, Ratings, Logline and Synopsis.

Who is the SCRIPT COVERAGE written for?

It is usually written for an executive, a producer, an agent, or a manager.  Because these people have many scripts to read and not enough time to read all of them, they will often either hire an outside person or ask their assistant to read and cover a script. Coverage is, in some senses, a screening process.

Why should a writer take FEEDBACK?

Working in Film and TV is hugely a collaborative experience where you will be receiving feedback from everyone. It trains you how to work with other professionals in

order to create the most effective incarnation of your script. If you can’t deal with notes, you won’t have a career

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